Title: Grimcutty 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Horror, Drama, Mystery
Quality: HD
Directors: John Ross
Writer: John Ross
Stars: Sara Wolfkind, Shannyn Sossamon, Usman Ally
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Teenagers enjoy listening to scary stories at night or around the campfire with their friends. These stories have nothing to do with reality and are terrifying, disturbing, and exciting, with a variety of plots that keep you awake, fearing the arrival of a monster. Guys who are old enough not to believe in monsters living under the bed are eagerly summoning Bloody Mary or Slender. A new internet horror story is quickly spreading. It is forwarded to friends, and the number of web users who are interested is growing. A terrifying figure in black appears to the children and forces them to kill.
For the amusement of the monster, the guys turn into murderers, destroying their victims. They are friends, parents and neighbors. It is impossible to suspect a son or daughter of being ready to stick a knife or add poison. Young Asha did not believe in horror stories, but the monster appeared to her too. Realizing that her parents are in danger, she tries to convey to them the seriousness of the situation. But they do not listen, believing that this is entertainment. They do not realize that there is little time left for salvation. Hoping not to turn into a maniac, Asha must deal with evil and destroy it before its influence reaches her loved ones. Watch movies on afdah2 website in HD.