Title: 9 Bullets 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Thriller
Quality: HD
Directors: Gigi Gaston
Writer: Gigi Gaston
Stars: Lena Headey, Dean Scott Vazquez, Sam Worthington
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A burlesque dancer runs away with a boy and his dog who were targeted by her gangster ex-boyfriend. 9 Bullets is a shocking mess of murder, the drama of a fabricated relationship, and a tragic stupid road trip. 9 Bullets opens with a restless call in Santa Clarita, California. Frightened, Ralph Stein (Zachary Mooren) ordered his 11-year-old son, Sam (Dean Scott Vazquez), to grab his bullet and run away. He spoke for the last time. Jack (Sam Worthington) doesn’t like stealing. His trio of brutal hitmen Mike (Chris Mullinax), Tommy (Cam Gigandet), and Martin Sensmeier take no prisoners. Sam runs to a neighbor after barely escaping a bloodbath. Gypsy (Lena Headey) was a burlesque stripper but now ends her career. She plans to write a book and go on a cruise. He did not expect to help Sam. But Jack knows that her ex-boyfriend is capable of killing a child. The Gypsy decides to take Sam to his uncle in the southwest. He’ll have to dodge Jack’s thugs, his tragic past, and open his broken heart for a scared boy. The Gypsy shelters Sam within minutes of the first act. We find out from Ralph Stein’s call that Jack is a bad person and that something very valuable was stolen. There is no explanation as to how Sam’s family came to live with the Gypsy. Or what Ralph actually did to Jack. Whose evil mansion is a palace hundreds of miles away in the center of Utah? Why are these characters connected to each other? We just want to accept a completely absurd setup. For more Free Online Movies Unblocked to watch online stay tuned to this site visit the home page now.