Title: A Tail of Love 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Family, Romance
Quality: HD
Directors: Leif Bristow
Writer: Richard Beattie, Agnes Bristow
Stars: Chris McNally, Brittany Bristow, Jayne Eastwood
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Bella Channing (Brittany Bristow) runs a rescue center for all types of dogs, with her grandmother Lily Channing (Jayne Eastwood), Lily was retired from the police and the army. Their main sponsor is Stockard’s Pet Foods. But they suddenly notify them that they have sold the company. Now not only is the sponsorship terminated, but the new owner claims that the rescue is on Stockard’s assets. With the threat of eviction, Lily and Bella set out to find documents to prove Lily’s true ownership. When all else fails, Bella turns to JR Stockard (Chris McNally). He is the son and the heir to the Stockard estate. She asks for help from him. JR is with the military and has come home to close the sale. He agrees to help and soon meets Indie, a retired army dog. Indie likes JR and as their bond grows, so does his relationship with Bella. Hesitant to associate with someone who is about to leave, Bella struggles with her emotions and faces a dilemma when JR announces that she is leaving for Iraq. Here on the Afdag website, you will get many more latest as well as old family movies to enjoy online with your kids for free.