Title: Agatha and the Midnight Murders 2020
Genres: 2020 Movies | Mystery
Quality: HD
Directors: Joe Stephenson
Writer: Tom Dalton
Stars: Helen Baxendale, Blake Harrison, Jacqueline Boatswain
Synopsis: Visitors to afdah free movies site can watch the movie “Agatha and the Midnight Murders (2020)” online for free of cost. The story of this movie is set during the Blitz in 1940s London. After writing various famous novels in six years Agatha Christie should be a rich woman instead, she’s struggling to make ends meet. As the money runs out Agatha concocts a plan to kill off her most famous creation and sell it out. When Agatha’s would-be buyer suffers an attack, it seems unfortunate. But when her manuscript is stolen a wider conspiracy begins to take shape. As the bombs fall and she investigates the danger of her situation becomes apparent Agatha herself is the killer’s next target. Now, she has to solve this mystery.