Title: Code of Silence 2021
Genres: 2021 Movies | Crime
Quality: HD
Directors: Ben Mole
Writer: Luke Bailey
Stars: Stephen Moyer, Alec Newman, Andrew Tiernan
How to watch Code of Silence 2021 online?
Code of Silence 2021 is a new film full of Crime. Ben Mole has directed and Luke Bailey has written a story of it. Detective Nipper Read (Stephen Moyer) tried to marry the Kray Twins in 1965 but lost all his witnesses in the culture of fear in London. Two years later he had the opportunity to try again and this time he was determined not to fail. The Code of Silence follows Read (Moyer) and his team as they hollow out thousands of documents and try to collect The Firm’s activities over the past few years – a gang of thugs from London, led by Ronnie and Reggie Kray (Ronan Summers). Do With everyone stunned, the team explores any angle they can exploit, from the classic Al Capone trap linking twins to their accounts and taxes, which is essentially one of the brass ‘Untouchables”. Watch the full movie here with this site now. IMDB Ratings of 5.3/10 were given by viewers. Afdah Free Movies is now having so many movies that are now trending among the viewers for the year 2022.