Title: Lair 2021
Genres: 2021 Movies | Horror, Thriller
Quality: HD
Directors: Adam Ethan Crow
Writer: Adam Ethan Crow, Stuart Wright
Stars: Oded Fehr, Corey Johnson, Emily Haigh
How to watch Lair 2021 online?
Lair 2021 is a new Horror and Thriller Movie streaming on the site. This movie has scored 3.6/10 ratings on IMDB. This movie’s interesting and attractive story is written by Adam Ethan Crow and Stuart Wright. Adam Ethan Crow has also done the direction for this film. This movie is having a story of a person, who is living in a haunted house. That person’s body is under the control of bad evil living in that house. With the help of his body, she has murdered someone. Now he is taken by the police as a victim of that person’s murder. The victim’s Family and his colic are having trust in him. Now his coworker has to work with his lawyer to save him from punishment. Watch this movie by streaming online and find the whole story. To watch many other similar films on Afdah Website, you don’t have to pay anything to it.