Title: Arctic Void 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Sci-Fi, Thriller
Quality: HD
Directors: Darren Mann
Writer: William Paul Jones, Darren Mann, Michael Weaver
Stars: Michael Weaver, Tim Griffin, Justin Huen
How to watch Arctic Void 2022 online?
Arctic Void 2022 is a new Science fiction-based Thriller Hollywood film. Darren Mann has given the directions as well as has contributed to the story writing with William Paul Jones and Michael Weaver. The movie begins with Ray Marsh (Michael Weaver) and Alan Meursault (Tim Griffin). Both of them are working on a project in which they have to shoot an episode for their show related to traveling. At the last minute, their usual cameraman was denied a visa for unknown reasons. Now they have to Join Sean Tibbets (Justin Huen). Jim (Rune Temte) is the Captain of that ship on which they have to travel. As usual, he sets the engines on fire and goes out to show everyone the wonders of nature. But they saw around and absorbed that something strange is happening with the local wildlife. It was not long before they begin. The actions like a bird whose eyes appear to have been removed, a mother walrus attacking her calf, and many more abnormal things happen. But the real weirdness happens when everyone except Ray, Sean, and Alan disappears into thin air. Now the whole story is in suspense and you have found why all those things were happening by watching this full movie. Afdah Free Movies platform is now coming up with new 2022 releases daily. You are most welcome to watch them for free.