Title: 1923 S01E01
Genres: 2022 Movies | Drama, Western
Quality: HD
Directors: Ben Richardson
Writer: Taylor Sheridan
Stars: Helen Mirren, Harrison Ford, Brandon Sklenar
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The harsh customs of the North American prairies did not deter his forefathers from establishing a farm, which became their primary source of income. After barely defending their right to own a large plot of land in the Wild West, they transformed it into a true oasis. Cattle breeding is the primary occupation of born cowboys. The ranch from the historical drama “1923” gradually grew to be the largest in the country. The owners faced numerous challenges, including raids by Aboriginal tribes, gang wars, and attempts to seize their rightful property. Time has flown by. It appeared that the difficulties had passed. But fate had other plans. The United States was facing serious economic problems.

This period became known as the Great Depression. Prohibition destroyed the wine industry, followed by difficulties for the rest. Jacob, the patriarch and head of the family, whose word is final, is adamant about overcoming any difficulties. Kara, his devoted wife, is his dependable support. Nephew recently returned from the front lines of World War I. He has witnessed true horrors on the battlefield and has lost many comrades. The assistance of a friend chosen by the sheriff in the county is also invaluable. They work together to make a new life for themselves. Stream full free afdah tv in HD.