Title: A Man Called Otto 2023
Genres: 2022 Movies | Comedy, Drama
Quality: HD
Directors: Marc Forster
Writer: David Magee, Fredrik Backman, Hannes Holm
Stars: Tom Hanks, John Higgins, Tony Bingham
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Otto is a grumpy old man who has recently lost his wife. The painful loss exacerbated his already negative attitude toward others. He scared away all the neighbours who wanted to befriend him because of his unbearable personality. The protagonist of the film “My Terrible Neighbor” only left the house to go to the store and back. Everything changes dramatically when new residents move into the neighbourhood. The couple raised two lovely daughters while completely ignoring their neighbor’s rage and dissatisfaction. The elderly man is experiencing unusual feelings for himself. The ice begins to melt gradually. He even got himself a cat. Will the children truly assist the gray-haired grumbler in seeing the world in a new light? Stream free afdah movies in 1080p HD.