Title: The Sea Beast 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Quality: HD
Directors: Chris Williams
Writer: Nell Benjamin, Chris Williams
Stars: Karl Urban, Dan Stevens, Jared Harris
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For hundreds of years, great sea monsters have emerged to wreak havoc on sailors and inland societies. To counter this, fearless Captain Crow (Jared Harris) and his other commanders, led by an unparalleled monster hunter named Jacob Holland (Karl Urban), set out on a ship called “The Inevitable” to hunt animals across the ocean. Their efforts have been financially supported by the King and Queen of the Crown, who founded a unique society called the “Three Bridges”. One day, during a hunt, Atal sustains heavy damage and Jacob saves several crew members from being killed. The raven kills the animal and in an attempt to remove its horn from deep in the ocean, he almost drowns but is rescued by Jacob due to the code established by the crew to make sure they all belong to each other. Protect. Crowe tells Jacob that the latter will one day become captain when he kills the former beast known as the “Red Blaster” who took his eye and will act as Crowe’s last prey, which Jacob proudly admits. The crew returned to the Three Bridges to collect payment for their latest catch but were told by King and Queen that they would soon be replaced by a ship known as “The Imperial”, led by Admiral Hornagold, which will continue hunting. Marine animals in their place. Before the tension escalated, Jacob suggested that his crew be given another chance to kill the Red Blaster so that they could hunt animals in their own name. The king and queen accepted the offer and sent them off to hunt the animal. Shortly after their departure, the crew learned that an orphaned girl named Messi Brumble, whom Jacob had met the night before in a tavern, had gone off the ship to join their hunt. Was inspired by his late parents. Died during a hunt, and is a big fan of Crow, Jacob, and Sarah Sharp, a female hunter who doesn’t like him immediately. One night, Atal is attacked by a red blaster. Messi cuts a line connecting a ship to the Blaster and rescues the crew, angering Crow, who catches them both at gunpoint and demands that the Blaster goes to him before he goes deep. Bring him and swallow Messi and Jacob. The easily available platform that you are browsing upon is Afdah HD, here you can enjoy so many other new releases too.