Title: Bird Box: Barcelona 2023
Genres: 2023 Movies | Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Quality: HD
Directors: David Pastor, Àlex Pastor
Writer: Àlex Pastor, David Pastor
Stars: Mario Casas, Georgina Campbell, Diego Calva
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Sebastian was once a happily married guy and an accomplished engineer working on green energy development to benefit the environment. He’s a damaged man nine months later, desperately trying to defend his daughter, Anna, from unseen entities capable of destroying minds through eye contact. Sebastian is coping with the emergence of a cult in the area, led by Father Esteban, who believes the strange energy is a sign from God and uses his followers to transport souls to Heaven by forcing them to open their eyes. Sebastian seeks refuge, finally meeting a survivor group in a bomb shelter and getting to know the community, which includes Claire and Sofia, a German girl who knows of a castle on a mountain that could provide a permanent home for these desperate people. Get online access to free English movies only on Afdah.