Title: Bodkin Season 1
Genres: 2024 | Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Quality: HD
How to watch Bodkin Season 1 online?
Gilbert Power, an American podcast host and producer, is known as the company’s shining star. He gained recognition with a heartfelt podcast about his wife’s cancer battle, and now he’s delving into another somber tale from a small Irish town. In Bodkin, twenty-five years ago, three individuals vanished during the local Halloween festival. The event hasn’t been held since the tragedy, but this year, it’s making a comeback, providing Gilbert’s story with a timely angle. With his researcher, Emmy Sizergh, and Dove as a consultant Gilbert aims to uncover. The truth from the locals and possibly move the investigation forward. Their interactions shine, with Forte’s well-intentioned yet clueless tourist contrasting with Wilmot’s defensive yet lively villager. Enjoy Full HD TV Show online on Afdahinfo.