Title: Brian and Charles 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Comedy
Quality: HD
Directors: Jim Archer
Writer: David Earl, Chris Hayward
Stars: David Earl, Chris Hayward, Louise Brealey
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Brian (David Earl) is a lone inventor in rural Wales, building strange contraptions that sometimes work. While scavenging scraps one day, he comes across a mannequin head, which prompts him to attempt to build an artificially-intelligent robot, although he is unable to activate it. That night, during a thunderstorm, Brian discovers his activated robot wandering outside his workshop, and Brian brings it home. The next morning, Brian discovers that the robot has learned the English language by reading a dictionary, and it names itself Charles Petrescu. Brian begins playing with Charles and showing him around his property. A childlike Charles becomes more curious and eager to explore more of the world, but Brian instructs him to stay close at all times. Eventually, Brian starts driving Charles around town, working as a handyman, though he tells Charles to stay in his truck. He is eventually discovered by Hazel, a woman whose mother works for Brian and whom Brian has a crush on. Brian begs Hazel to keep him a secret, but Hazel is impressed and allows Brian to take her and Charles for a walk around a nearby lake, and he successfully asks her out again. Charles becomes increasingly eager to explore the outside world, but Brian is adamant that he cannot, leading to a falling out between them. One day, Eddie, a local gangster, with his two spoiled teenage daughters, approaches Charles and Brian to buy him out, but Brian refuses, causing Eddie to push Brian to the ground. The next day, Brian comes home from work to find his front door has been kicked off its hinges and Charles has disappeared. He and Hazel find Charles at Eddie’s, but Eddie claims that Charles came by himself. He tells Brian and Hazel that he intends to burn Charles in a fire that night. Distraught, Brian and Hazel return to their house, and Hazel praises Charles for being able to make it at all. Both work together to create something. The platform that you earlier visited and watched movies on was Afdah.info Movies, now you can switch to this platform.