Title: Choose or Die 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Drama, Horror, Thriller
Quality: HD
Directors: Toby Meakins
Writer: Simon Allen, Toby Meakins, Matthew James Wilkinson
Stars: Iola Evans, Asa Butterfield, Robert Englund
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Hal (Eddie Marsan), is a married man from a pragmatic family who is a collector of retro video games. He got a copy of an interactive fiction computer game called “CURS>R”. Hal establishes the game and starts playing, hoping it will be nothing more than a classic 1980s text-based adventure game. But when the objects around him begin to interact with the game, he realizes that it is something else, and as a result harms his family. Three months later, college student Kayla (Iola Evans) is working as a cleaner to pay for her education. She imparts new and old technology to her computer-geek friend, Isaac (Asa Butterfield), which in turn helps her learn the code so that she can acquire the skills needed for her classes. Kayla’s mother, Thea (Angela Griffin), became addicted to drugs after the death of her son Ricky (Kayleen Aires Fonseca), and suffered psychological and sexual abuse from her hired collector, Lance (Ryan Gage). Supplies him with drugs. And forces her into prostitution in exchange for not being evicted from her apartment. On his way to visit Isaac one day after work, he found a CURS>R game in his apartment, along with a phone number offering Kayla a ,000 125,000 reward. She calls the number and receives a recorded message from Terror Director Robert Englund asking her to finish the game and enter the number code at the end to win money. Attracted by the offer, Kayla accepted the challenge, thinking it would be easy money, and arranged a deal with Isaac to share the prize. That night, Kayla starts playing a game in a cafe and realizes that it can interfere with reality in a variety of ways. The level of the game ends with a waitress eating broken glass and dying. The next day, Kayla tries to stop the game by destroying the tape. She tells Isaac what happened, but finds it hard to believe his story. For more similar and interesting stories visit Afdah P2 and enjoy watching and reading about latest films free.