Title: Dead Boy Detectives Season1 E01
Genres: 2024 | Action, Adventure, Comedy
Quality: HD
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Charles takes on the task of teaching Edwin how to fight. Shortly after, a new client arrives at the Dead Boy Detective Agency. Emma requests their help in finding her psychic friend, Crystal Palace. They discover that Crystal has been behaving strangely lately. They inform Emma that they will consider assisting her friend. Charles informs Edwin that he will now take a tougher approach. Edwin believes that Crystal has money. They begin to tail Crystal and come up with a plan, acquiring disguises along the way. While on the subway, Charles seizes Crystal while Edwin quickly draws a rune. Crystal becomes trapped within the rune as a hole opens above her, with a demon attempting to escape. Crystal regains her senses but cannot recall anything. Charles agrees to let her stay with them, even though it is not typically part of their services. Watch all your favorite movies online on Afdah website.