Title: Disenchanted 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Quality: HD
Directors: Adam Shankman
Writer: Brigitte Hales, J. David Stem, David N. Weiss
Stars: Judy Greer, Jacob Tremblay, Charlyne Yi
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Since the events of the first film, fifteen years have passed. The main characters in the film “Enchanted 2” decide to move into a small house in Monroeville’s suburbs. After the vibrant and noisy New York, Robert, Giselle, and Morgan are attempting to adjust to their new daily lives, but this is proving difficult. Malvina Monroe keeps a close eye on the neighborhood. Furthermore, the girl intends to make family life a living hell. The acting characters soon face new challenges on their journey. Giselle had not anticipated such difficulties, so she begins to pine for her former life. She wishes to enter a fairy tale in which no one plots evil deeds and everyone is friendly. Meanwhile, the spell did not have the desired effect and turned out to be a complete failure. Now the heroine must put everything on the line to save her family and the picturesque kingdom of Andalasia. There is almost no time left. The consequences will be irreversible when the clock hand reaches twelve. She will have to put in a lot of effort to help her family and friends. Will the frail young woman be able to carry out her plans? Stream full free afdah.info similar movies in HD.