Title: Eternal Code 2019
Genres: 2019 Movies | Action
Quality: HD
Directors: Harley Wallen
Writer: Harley Wallen
Stars: Richard Tyson, Billy Wirth, Yan Birch
Synopsis: Watch Eternal Code Afdah full movie online in full HD quality. The plot focuses on an alarming military veterinarian played by Damien Chinappi, who is facing kidnapping with great scientific consequences. He collaborates with a prostitute to help the young fugitive, and finds the world far more complex, ruthless and dangerous than they could imagine. The eternal code begins with the fact that the inventor Bridget (Howeland) wants to hide his invention, because her boss Oliver (Tyson) wants to use it for the wrong purpose, and her husband Mark (Wirth) forces her to act. Meanwhile, a homeless war veteran of Chinappi helps protect prostitute Stephanie (Kaiti Wallen) by proving that he did the right thing in life.Oliver plans to kidnap daughter Bridget Miranda (Kama), who sees him hiring a group of criminals Sam (Harley Wallen) and Charlie (Taylor-Compton) to use Mark and Bridget’s abduction as leverage, which is why Corey is ready to defend Miranda. Watch more Afdah Action Movies online without any cost.