Title: Hatching 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Horror
Quality: HD
Directors: Hanna Bergholm
Writer: Hanna Bergholm, Ilja Rautsi
Stars: Siiri Solalinna, Sophia Heikkilä, Jani Volanen
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Tinja, 12, practices gymnastics, an activity imposed on her by her mother, a former figure skater. Mom is an influencer who runs a popular blog focusing on the lifestyle of an average Finnish family. She invites the father and their young son, Matias, to join her before a raven flies out of a window, and destroys the living room, including the connection of the flag. Tinja (Siiri Solalinna) grabs it under the towel and intends to let it out, but Mom (Sophia Heikkilä) gestures to him and squeezes his neck. Saddened, Tinja settles the crow, but, after he leaves, it twists. That night, Tinja wakes up through Cowing. She goes to look for the crow that came out of the garbage and wanders in the forest. She finds the raven, still wounded, and finally pulls it out of its misery. Before leaving, she sees an egg, probably why the crow came back there and realizes that her mother is no more. The culprit, Tinja, brings the egg home and hatches it under the pillow, and, as it grows, inside a stuffed animal. In practice, Tinja struggles but is encouraged by her coach that if she improves, she can compete in the future. Tinja returns home, where she sees her mother and someone fixing the flag. As he approaches, he realizes that this is another man who is in a deep embrace with his mother. Before she leaves, her mother introduces her as tarot, and Tinja goes outside, where she meets a new neighbor, a girl named Rita, and her dog. Later, Mother comes to Tinja’s room with Tarot to try and explain her situation. The three seem to understand with caution. The egg has spread a lot and, as soon as Tinja cries, it comes out. She hides and bears witness to the creature’s escape through her window. The next evening, the creature returns, wounded by a piece of glass on its forehead. Tinja helps the creature, removes the glass, and bathes it, and their relationship grows. She named it Ellie because it sounds like a lullaby. Mother often sings Matthias, and she falls asleep under her bed. As soon as Tinja falls asleep, she starts to get annoyed with Rita’s dog barking. The creature sets off in search of food, and Tinja wakes up suddenly to find Ellie, as well as the body of a bitten dog. She vomits, and Ali eats it, just as baby birds are fed by their parents’ food. She hides the cupboard in the closet and buries the dog, as Matthias testified in the window. You must be one of the users who like to watch Horror films, here on the Afdadh website you can find more to watch for free and online.