Title: Game of Thrones S02E02 The Night Lands
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama
Language: English
IMDB Rating: – 8.6/10
Directors: Alan Taylor
Writer: George R.R. Martin , David Benioff
Stars: Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke
Synopsis:The Tirion Yanos slide flies over the night guard and instead assigns mercenary Bronn. In the Red Desert, Raccoon’s horse goes back to Deyener, and the horse’s horse is the head of the owner in his pocket. Teon Greycoy returns to the native Iron Isles but is not met as expected. Davos Sivort tries to get the pirate Liss Sallador Saane to join Stannis. Melisandra Stannis leads the way. Behind the wall, John is watching Kraster, who takes his newborn to the woods, and sees his child handing over to a White Volker.