Title: Game of Thrones S04E09 The Watchers on the Wall
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama
Language: English
IMDB Rating: – 9.6/10
Directors: Neil Marshall
Writer: George R.R. Martin , David Benioff
Stars: Kit Harington, John Bradley, Hannah Murray
Synopsis:Jon and Sam Lill are sitting on the hill. At this time, the sky is dark. Two people talk about Jon’s lover. The war started very quickly and the battle was fierce. Jon is worried about the giant mammoth riding under the city, but others think that the giant does not exist. The giant came under the gate of the city. The night watchman was in a fierce battle and vowed to defend the city gate. Sam’s comrades died in front of his eyes, and Sam rushed out with his red eyes. At this time, the six people who guarded the gates recited the oath of the night watchman, thinking that even if the sacrifice was not terrible, they would fight with the giants. The night watchman successfully defeated the enemies who committed the crime. Under Sam’s gaze, Jon walked out of the Great Wall’s door.. Watch compete season on afdah tv online free of cost.