Title: Gun and a Hotel Bible 2021
Genres: 2021 Movies | Drama
Quality: HD
Directors: Raja Gosnell, Alicia Joy LeBlanc
Writer: Bradley Gosnell, Daniel Floren
Stars: Bradley Gosnell, Daniel Floren, Mia Marcon
How to watch Gun and a Hotel Bible 2021 online?
Gun and a Hotel Bible is a recently released Hollywood movie. The movie story is picked from an award-winning play. The movie story revolves around Pete who is in love with a girl named Cindy. He is in love deeply but every love story is not successful. In this love story, a turning point breaks their relation. It hurts a lot Pete, but Cindy in with another guy and they happily live with each other. It makes it more hurtful to Pete and the thinking of taking revange is stuck in his mind. So he rented a hotel room nearby Cindy and plans to murder him. But his friend Gideon tries to convert his thinking through the Bible. So watch the full movie to see Gideon is successful to convert his friend’s thinking or not. Visit afdah to watch movies without paying charges.