Title: His Only Son 2023
Genres: 2023 Movies | Drama, History
Quality: HD
Directors: David Helling
Writer: David Helling
Stars: Nicolas Mouawad, Sara Seyed, Daniel da Silva
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The main character of the biblical drama, God puts Abraham to the test. Kidnapping and implied sexual assault are just two examples of the many violent acts that occur. By the side of the road, a man who has been stabbed and assaulted is discovered. His kidnapped daughter is restrained and made to follow the soldiers’ horses on a horseback. They might have sexually assaulted her in the past and might do so with Isaac, Abraham’s son. Soldiers attack Isaac and Abraham with swords. As God instructs Abraham to offer Isaac as a sacrifice, he is about to bind his son to an altar and stab him to death. There is no drug use or swearing, however infertility is touched up when Sarah, Abraham’s wife, talks about not being able to bear him a child. Alternatively, a man approaches Abraham and his friends and offers them the chance to spend some time with his numerous women in exchange for a reasonable fee. In exchange for the maid bearing Abraham’s child, Sarah offers her maid to him as a second bride. The main themes of the movie are faith, belief, and obedience to God. Watch new movies now on Afdah.