Title: House of the Dragon S02E02
Genres: 2024 Movies | Action, Adventure, Drama
Quality: HD
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Rhaenyra tells Daemon and her court that she does not want an innocent person killed. He attacks his wife’s honor and the kindness she has fostered in an effort to placate her. She made the compassionate decision to spare King’s Landing from total destruction, had the upper hand, and a murdered kid. She is now no more superior than the Hightowers and the realm is starting to change beneath her. Even though Daemon is by her side, her authority as Queen is undermined by his decisions. She may have had his support but the fact. She is now seated where he pledged to be will always remain. Rhaenyra lacks the ability to battle and push past the castle walls, but he does. Enjoy wide range of movies and television series via Afdah.com Website.