Title: IF 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Animation, Comedy, Drama
Quality: HD
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Krasinski has made quite the bold move, transitioning from sitcom star to successful director of the “Quiet Place” series. But when you look at the man himself, it just makes sense. This is the guy who started a heartwarming news show from his home during the pandemic. He’s the quintessential all-American dad who ventured into horror and now wants to create a movie his kids can enjoy. Bea spends time with her lively grandmother in their old, creaky apartment building. It’s there that she discovers her newfound ability to see people’s imaginary friends, leading her on an adventure with her grandmother’s neighbor, the skeptical IF whisperer Calvin. Calvin runs a matchmaking service for IFs whose children have stopped believing in them; once they’re forgotten, they’re sent to a retirement home. Stream Full HD Hollywood Movies and TV Shows Online on Afdah.