Title: Irish Wish 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Quality: HD
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Book editor Maddie has given up on her own writing ambitions in order to ghostwrite Paul, a best seller that he can promote. She had thought that the well-known figure would acknowledge her intense love for him, but instead Paul falls head over heels with Emma, Maddie’s friend, and the two get engaged. Despite her best efforts to be polite, Maddie is upset by the turn of events and is traveling to Ireland to celebrate. Maddie first meets James when she gets there; he’s in town for work and is a wildlife photographer, so they get along well. Maddie chooses a specific location to make a wish because she is in awe of Ireland’s natural beauty and history, and the enigmatic Saint Brigid appears to grant it. When Maddie wakes up the following morning, she and Paul are engaged. In this parallel reality, she can’t help but be lured back to James, and she has to fight her confusion. Enjoy Afdah new movies now free online.