Title: Last Seen Alive 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Mystery, Thriller
Quality: HD
Directors: Brian Goodman
Writer: Marc Frydman
Stars: Gerard Butler, Jaimie Alexander, Russell Hornsby
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Last Seen Alive 2022 follows Will Spann (Gerard Butler) as a real estate developer. He is driving with his wife Lisa Spann (Jaimie Alexander), across the state lines to stay with her parents for a while. Lisa is feeling separated from her marriage and wants some space from Will so that she can get ‘clarity’ and ‘perspective’. There, on their way, just a few miles from their destination, they pull into a servo to refuel and catch some arrangements. Lisa walks over to the store, while Will filled the tank. But time passes, and Lisa doesn’t get back in the car. Will, now anxious, asks everyone if they’ve seen a woman with black hair and a white T-shirt before calling the police for a backup. But it’s only been half an hour, and he’s a big adult, he’s not very worried. That’s until Servo’s CCTV footage shows Lisa talking to someone she knew vaguely before she disappeared. Will, of course, decides to take matters into his own hands and find out who may be involved, causing harm as he leaves. For someone who is allegedly just a regular friend, not a soldier or soldier or any other type of combat-trained profession, he or she is remarkably skilled at dealing with potential suspects. Somewhere along the way, a first-rate detective (Russell Hornsby) begins beating up a suspect who asks where Lisa is being held even though he already had a suspicion. That there was a crime. New, latest, trending, and popular films are now available with Afdah Movie free online streaming site.