Title: Madame Web 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Action, Adventure
Quality: HD
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In 1973, Constance is a pregnant scientist looking for a rare spider in the Amazon that had exceptional healing powers. She is joined by a colleague named Ezekiel, who shoots her while she is accepting the medal. Constance’s kid is saved from certain death by a spider bite when she is rescued by a native tribe. Thirty years later, Cassie and Ben are employed as paramedics in a big metropolis. Ben’s sister Mary is going to have her first kid. After a botched attempt at rescue, Cassie passes into a temporary death zone; nevertheless, she is later revived with enhanced psychic skills that allow her to see into the future. These abilities are also Ezekiel’s, who uses them to find and murder Julia, Mattie, and Anya after seeing visions of his own death at the hands of three Spider-Women. Cassie recognizes that the young women are in danger and makes an effort to keep them safe while evaluating the boundaries of her mental capabilities. Get online access to new movies only on Afdah site.