Title: Medieval 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Drama, History
Quality: HD
Directors: Petr Jákl
Writer: Petr Jákl
Stars: Ben Foster, Sophie Lowe, Michael Caine
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When the Roman Empire descended into chaos, with the main prize being the throne, Yang, the leader of the rebels, decides not to directly enter the battle, but to decide the outcome of this war with an insidious idea. The rebel leader decides to kidnap one of the throne contenders’ beloved girl in order to blackmail him into giving up his desire to gain power in his own hands. However, he unexpectedly falls in love with this girl, and now the fate of his beloved, as well as the entire Empire, which can be decided after a direct clash of all contenders for the throne, in the most bloody battle, depends on him. This time, Ian is determined to succeed without faltering. Watch free movies on afdah website without membership.