Title: Monster Family 2 2021
Genres: 2021 Movies | Animation, Comedy, Family
Quality: HD
Directors: Holger Tappe
Writer: Abraham Katz, David Safier
Stars: Daniel Ben Zenou, Jessica Brown Findlay, Emily Carey
How to watch Monster Family 2 2021 online?
Monster Family 2 2021 is a new Animated movie of 2021. It is full of Comedy and you can watch and enjoy it with your family. This movie is the sequel of Monster Family 1 that was released in 2021. Holger Tappe has done directions for both of these movies. Abraham Katz and David Safier have written a story and screen roles for this film. This story is about a Wishbone family. All of them in this family are struggling to overcome their various shortcomings. Max (Ethan Rouse) son of Frank (Nick Frost) and Emma (Emily Watson) is an eighth-grade student but his height is the shortest of all the other students in the class. All the girls in his class used to make fun of his height. Fay (Jessica Brown Findlay) is a Daughter older than Max is having a feeling about herself that she is not having any talent as her friends are talented in various activities like singing, dancing, science, etc. c always tries to help her children in this difficult situation but her advice is always ignored by them. Frank’s a more relaxed lifestyle and his new job was ruined when he saw his family so unhappy around him. Now you have to watch this Full Movie with your family and kids and find out the solutions to their problems. How they will overcome shortcomings? Here on the same site, you will get to watch Animation, Comedy, Family, and many more types of films, to enjoy the latest collection of all these visit the Afdah Movies 2021 now.