Title: Mother of the Bride 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Quality: HD
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Lana a renowned geneticist is often easily distracted by her busy work schedule. However, she is taken aback when her daughter Emma surprises her with the news. Her impending marriage to R.J. Lana had no idea about their relationship. The wedding is planned to take place at a luxurious resort in Thailand. Emma receiving corporate support as a brand ambassador for her ceremony. The responsibility of organizing the wedding falls on Camala coordinator determined to keep the bride-to-be occupied. Lana arrives at the resort accompanied by her sister Janice only to discover that R.J.’s father Will is her former college boyfriend. This revelation causes immediate panic for Lana, as their past relationship was never properly resolved. She finds herself in an uncomfortable position as she tries to maintain composure while dealing with Will. Stream Latest English Movies Online on Afdah.