Title: Narco Sub 2021
Genres: 2021 Movies | Action, Crime, Drama
Quality: HD
Directors: Shawn Welling
Writer: Derek H. Potts
Stars: Tom Vera, Tom Sizemore, Lee Majors
How to watch Narco Sub 2021 on Afdah online?
Narco Sub is an action movie directed by director Shawn Welling. In the movie star cast is Tom Vera as (Bruce Stryker), Tom Sizemore as (DEA Head Craig Ford), Lee Majors as (Dallas Chapman). To lives with his wife and daughter happily is Tom’s life aim but the turning point comes when a drug mafia is entered into their life. The drug organization wants Tom to smuggle his illegal drug but he refuses the deal. The organization kidnaps her daughter and forces her to do their work. Tom decided to save her daughter without doing that work and finish the drug mafia. Watch this latest crime movie on afdah without paying subscription charges.