Title: Operation Mincemeat 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Drama, War
Quality: HD
Directors: John Madden
Writer: Michelle Ashford, Ben Macintyre
Stars: Colin Firthm, Matthew Macfadyen, Kelly Macdonald
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In 1943, the United Kingdom became deeply involved in World War II. Lieutenant Commander Ewen Montagu (Colin Firth), a Jewish lawyer, lives in England while his wife, Iris Montagu (Hattie Morahan), and children travel to the United States for safety. Montagu took a break from practicing law when he was appointed to the 20th Committee. He is accompanied by his loyal secretary, Hester Leggett (Penelope Wilton). Winston Churchill (Simon Russell Beale) has promised the United States that the Allies will invade Sicily by July of that year to push Europe northwards. However, Sicily is considered an obvious target and could be saved by Wehrmacht. Admiral Godfrey informed the 20-member committee that Britain should deceive Nazi Germany into believing that its allies would invade Greece. Charles Hilda Georgina Cholmondeley (Ellie Haddington) proposed an operation from the Trout Memo, in which a corpse had to be carried to the seas and washed at the beach. Despite Godfrey’s suspicions, he allows Montagu and Cholmondeley to plan the operation with Lieutenant Commander Ian Fleming. Operation Minesmeet sets up an office. As planned, Montagu and Cholmondeley found the body of a fugitive named Glendover Michael, who died of suicide poisoning. The team falsely identifies him as Major William Martin, complete with a detailed background, ID photos, and an engagement. Jean Leslie, a widowed secretary in the office, presents a photo of herself to serve as a fake fiancé. Cholmondeley likes Jean but soon realizes that Montagu and Jean have romantic feelings for each other. This makes Cholmondele jealous and occasionally attacks Montagu. Afdah.Info S is a most recommended and surfed site, due to its simple and fast UI and Updated content.