Title: Ordinary Angels 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Drama
Quality: HD
How to watch Ordinary Angels 2024 online?
Sharon, a co-owner of a thriving salon and a hairdresser in Louisville, Kentucky, is portrayed by Hillary Swank. She is a hair stylist by day and a wild partier at night. After being forced to attend an AA meeting by her friend, she leaves and purchases a six-pack from the store. At the checkout counter, Sharon spots a headline in the local newspaper. This is Sharon’s opportunity to express her worry and extend help. She visits the funeral and becomes friendly with the deceased. The sparkles on Sharon’s clothing and her kindness captivate Michelle and Ashley, her elder sister. Ed, their father, is scared, shell-shocked, broke, and in a state of distress, so it makes sense that he would worry that a foreign woman may interfere with their life. His first instinct is to keep her away from them because he feels like he has no control over what is happening to him. Explore HD streaming features now with Afdah website.