Title: Peppermint
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Thriller
Quality: HD
Directors: Pierre Morel
Writer: Chad St. John
Stars: Jennifer Garner, John Gallagher Jr., John Ortiz
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An unidentified woman gets into a brutal fight with a man in a car and ends up dispatching him with a gunshot to the head. Five years ago, the same woman, Riley North, is working as a banker in Los Angeles and struggling to make ends meet. Her husband Chris owns a failed mechanic shop. They have a ten-year-old daughter, Carly. Chris’s companion attempts to persuade him to rob Diego Garcia, a prominent drug king. Chris turns him down, but not before Garcia has already discovered his involvement and orders his men to make an example of him. Riley and Chris take Carly out for pizza and a carnival for her birthday because no one showed up to her party. As the family heads to the car, Diego’s men kill Riley’s husband and daughter in a drive-by shooting. She is injured but survives. Despite his injuries, Riley is able to positively identify the shooters. The detectives handling the case are reluctant to pursue charges against the three, as they are members of Garcia’s drug cartel, which has considerable influence. Before the preliminary hearing, Riley is approached by the accused’s lawyer, who tries to bribe him. She refuses to pay the bribe, but the lawyer discovers that she has antipsychotic medication at home and uses this information to paint her as a credible witness. Judge Stevens, who is secretly on the cartel’s payroll, declares that there is insufficient evidence to allow the accused to stand trial and the case is dismissed, while the prosecuting attorneys do nothing. Enraged, Riley attempts to attack her family’s killers, but is captured and ordered to be placed in a psychiatric ward. On the way, she escapes and disappears. Free Afdah Movies 2022 is the best collection as compared to all other sites on Internet.