Title: Playing God 2021
Genres: 2021 Movies | Comedy, Drama
Quality: HD
Directors: Scott Brignac
Writer: Scott Brignac
Stars: Hannah Kasulka, Luke Benward, Michael McKean
How to watch Playing God 2021 online?
Playing God is the latest released Hollywood movie. The movie is focused on the characters of Rachel and Micah who are twins. They never ever met their father and when they are around eleven years old his mother also died. With the trust in each other and smart minds, they start stealing things for survival. But one day when they Frank he changes their lives and give a new turn of his life. He becomes his mentor and teaches them big robberies and tricks that they can use during the robberies. One day Owen who is a gangster comes and demands the debts they getting from him. For that debt, they find a billionaire who is a little mad to meet with GOD. So they use their tricks on him so watch the movie their tricks is work on him or not. Visit afdah to watch movies without paying charges.