Title: Poker Face S01 E06
Genres: 2023 Movies | Crime, Drama, Mystery
Quality: HD
Directors: Ben Sinclair
Writer: Rian Johnson, Chris Downey, Wyatt Cain
Stars: Natasha Lyonne, Ellen Barkin, Tim Meadows
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The most recent episode of Poker Face follows Charlie Cale, a human lie detector. As usual, a death raises the stakes. Charlie has earned a reputation as the superb poker player who is eluding casino tycoon Sterling Frost Sr. due to her talent for identifying lies and determination to punish the guilty. Since then, while also seeking to evade the men Frost sent to capture her, Charlie has been looking into situations where people seem to have died in unusual circumstances until she learns the truth. Charlie witnesses a woman in the crowd die during a performance in the sixth episode, and she uses the time that is left to employ her sleuthing abilities. Watch afdah new shows and movies at home now for free.