Title: Road House 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Action, Thriller
Quality: HD
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Frankie, a bar owner in the Florida Keys, needs assistance setting up his enterprise. Frankie encounters Dalton, a dangerously gorgeous former UFC fighter, after acting on a tip. Dalton is convinced to travel to the Glass Key community when he is given the opportunity to live on a houseboat and get some cash. He accepts the job and is assigned to The Road House’s cooler, which is regularly wrecked by miscreants. After surveying the chaos, Dalton immediately takes charge of maintaining order among the employees by preventing those who work for Brandt—the jailed criminal boss’s son—from entering. Ellie, a neighboring doctor, is drawn to the newcomer to the town who appears to relish suffering, while Dalton is coping with persistent problems. By assuming control of The Road House, Brandt hopes to assist his father in building an empire. Enjoy full free movies now at home with Afdah.