Title: Run & Gun 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Thriller
Quality: HD
Directors: Christopher Borrelli
Writer: Christopher Borrelli
Stars: Angela Sarafyan, Richard Kind, Mark Dacascos
How to watch Run & Gun 2022 online?
Run & Gun 2022 is a new Action and Thriller filled movie. This film has got a story as well as directions from Christopher Borrelli. This is the first film In which he is going to direct too. After giving up a life of crime and violence Ray (Ben Milliken) is now living a quiet life in the Suburbs with his family. But Ray can never bury his past and he is now blackmailed to do one last thing. He is instantly double-crossed and must fight not only for his life but also for the life of his loved ones. Ray’s longtime girlfriend Faith (Janel Parrish) wants him to make a commitment to giving up a life of crime and violence. Unfortunately, he was spotted by some of Greyson’s (Richard Kind) Thugs. But when his past is discovered now, Ray was blackmailed to do one last job for them. He has to collect a mysterious package. After a fatal double-cross, he finds himself fleeing from wounded and ruthless assassins who will do nothing to stop him from getting what he has. He was not ready to tell Shoemaker (Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez) about all this. She is the one who wanted to hang him first because he does a favor for him and his brother Brando (Mark Dacascos). Now From here, you will find a story in the movie, so watch it, enjoy it and find the whole story of what will happen next. To enjoy Afdah Movies 2021, you are on correct place, Watch this full film first and then visit it and enjoy them too.