Title: Shark Bait 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Thriller
Quality: HD
Directors: James Nunn
Writer: Nick Saltrese
Stars: Holly Earl, Jack Trueman, Catherine Hannay
How to watch Shark Bait 2022 online?
It opens with a camera across a reef as a credit roll. There are no bright colors, only darkness and a feeling that something dangerous is hidden nearby. Then on the water and outside, on a beach where the fire is burning and the young people laugh and share music. It’s a tribute to Jawaz by someone who cares, and it’s the only moment of homage in a movie that is determined to stand on its own two feet. Despite the limited framework that provides a severe approach to the genre, author Nick Saltrese and director James Nunn set out to tell a new story. Any fresh shark story needs fresh meat. In this situation, it is a group of young people who are enjoying their last spring break before graduation. Nat (Holly Earl), whose small size and natural alertness make her seem out of place among her ruthless, muscular companions, not least her boyfriend Tom (Jack Trueman). His brand of arrogance indicates that he has been at the forefront of his chosen sport all his life and will soon be well-positioned in a stock market job, in fact believing that he has earned it himself. There’s also Milly (Catherine Hannay) who bleaches her hair and wears neon pink, and that’s the kind of girl she’s been in movies since she started shooting in color. Tyler (Malachi Pullar-Latchman) is a little different, with the obvious sensitivity behind his athletic face. And then there’s Greg (Thomas Flynn), who has a weird memory of him remembering the young Emilio Estevez. Greg is just unlucky. To watch the latest Movies Unblocked and free in full HD Quality, this site is the perfect and most visited platform.