Title: Spitfire Over Berlin 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Drama, War
Quality: HD
Directors: Callum Burn
Writer: Andrew Burn, Callum Burn
Stars: Archie Blankley, Callum Burn, David Dobson
How to watch Spitfire Over Berlin 2022 online?
The attempt to paint a World War II aerial picture on a microbudget certainly meets the definition of an underdog British eyelid. But unlike the RAF in Britain’s war, the Spitfire in Berlin could not overcome the difficulties. It’s a bit disappointing because it’s not the visuals that make Callum Burn’s film go down. This is a click ballasted script, without the fuel needed to fill an hour-and-a-half of runtime, which sends the film to explosive ground. Spitfire pilot Edward (Kris Saddler), who enjoys the echoing English hedgehogs on practice flights, seems to be a local adventurer at home. But he pulls the trigger when he’s the only man available for Operation Extreme Jopardi: to photograph defense installations carrying an unarmed reconnaissance ship over Berlin to intercept an American squadron that is inadvertently launching a suicide mission. Byrne combines Edward’s German mission with a black-and-white flashback to a previous satirical situation, which produces a bit of narrative warmth. They can’t hide the almost complete lack of drama in today’s episodes, with budget constraints, presumably, meaning Edward is taking photos and has no close-up shots. In addition, the film dulls in the sunlight, switching between the CGI exterior of the space and the cockpit close-up. Light from green to red, like the blink of an onboard camera, is not suitable for high-adrenaline cinema content. Afdah TV can now become an alternative to all the top-rated platforms, here you are getting all episodes of a trending web series to watch online.