Title: Stowaway 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Thriller
Quality: HD
Directors: Declan Whitebloom
Writer: Ian Hayden
Stars: Ruby Rose, Frank Grillo, Patrick Schwarzenegger
How to watch Stowaway 2022 online?
As Bella Denton (Ruby Rose) fears water, she is not too thrilled about her inheritance. But when he discovers that the boat is actually a luxury yacht complete with a Jacuzzi, he’s more than excited about the vessel his father left him. After boarding a boat for a bit of rumpy-pumpy with handsome Michael (Patrick Schwarzenegger), her good time is interrupted by a group of criminals who threaten her life. Does Bella Denton get off the boat alive? Or does she sleep with fish? Let’s take a closer look at the film. During the film’s opening, we see a flashback scene of Bella as a young girl with her father. Their beach excursion takes a tragic turn when Bella almost drowns in the ocean, which is why Bella is afraid of water. It is believed that his near-death experience also gave her a valid excuse to get out of the bath, but this is only speculation. According to Meeser (Frank Grillo), the man who informs Bella of her father’s passing, he drowned. Meeser is only telling half the truth, though. It appears that Bella’s father Arthur Denton died at the hands of others but we don’t know who until later in the film. After meeting with Meeser, his father’s supposed best friend and business partner, he introduces him to Captain Lawson (Luis Da Silva Jr.), who will pilot the yacht if he ever gets to put it on the water. New Web Series that you may have missed are available to watch online on Afdah TV.