Title: Strip Down, Rise Up 2021
Genres: 2021 Movies | Documentary
Quality: HD
Directors: Michèle Ohayon
Writer: Michèle Ohayon
Stars: Amy Bond, Jenyne Butterfly, Genellyn Driver
How to watch Strip Down, Rise Up 2021 on Afdah online?
Pole dance-based movie Strip Down, Rise Up show is released in 2021 directed by Michele Ohayon. The movie focus on how erotic dance heals the female from the wounds of the inner mind. In the movie star-cast roles played by real face are Amy Bond, Jenyne Butterfly, Genellyn Driver, Megan Gamble, and others. The director wants to celebrate female self-confidence, show a way to cope with oppression and exploitation in a feminine way. In the movie, emotional moments are those in which the women open up in the group and collapse in sadness. For them, the Pole Dance makes a way to overcome the sadness. Users can watch this movie on afdah movie without charges.