Title: Suncoast 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Drama
Quality: HD
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Doris, a Florida high school student, lives alone at home by herself and has no friends in the early 2000s. Max, the elder brother of Doris, is temporarily incapacitated due to an incurable brain cancer that has spread to other parts of his body. While their cold, widowed mother Kristine works long shifts as a server to help pay for Max’s medical bills, Doris takes care of Max most of the time. Kristine has chosen to send Max to Suncoast Hospice, where he will spend his last days. Coincidentally, Terri Shaivo, a patient at Suncoast, is currently drawing a lot of attention due to her husband’s decision to remove her feeding tube. Because of this, Terri has become the focal point of the “right to die” debate and has attracted Christian protestors from all around the country. Now, Paul arrives, a likable protestor who grows to know Doris since they both work on the same demanding script. Stream full free English films and web shows now online on Afdah.