Title: Swamp Lion 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Crime, Drama, Western
Quality: HD
Directors: Torben Bech
Writer: Torben Bech
Stars: Michael Ray Escamilla, Bre Blair, Jack Elliot Ybarra
How to watch Swamp Lion 2022 online?
Swamp Lion 2022 Based on writer-director Torben Bech’s personal experience, Swamp Lion is a neo-Western crime thriller about a working-class family’s struggle to save their son. This tense and heart-wrenching film is set in a small town. The Texas border, where Jim’s (Michael Ray Escamilla) parents and Bee (Bra Blair) struggle to keep up with their son’s mounting medical bills. When the new treatment costs $250,000, Jim decides he must do whatever it takes to get the money. Even if that means smuggling drugs across the US-Mexico border. This funny and beautifully illustrated film explores how much families can support their children and the moral decline that can sometimes follow love and sacrifice. Afdah HD is also one of the few free streaming sites that offers movies and TV Shows in 4K HD quality.