Title: Tarot 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Horror
Quality: HD
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Elise’s birthday celebration is in full swing, with her friends gathered at a rented house to commemorate the occasion. Among the attendees are Paxton, Paige, Lucas, Madelyn, and the recently broken-up couple, Haley and Grant. To add an eerie touch to the night, the college kids venture into a forbidden basement in search of fresh alcohol, only to stumble upon items associated with astrology and magic instead. Despite the potential for bad luck, Haley, who possesses some knowledge of tarot cards, decides to give her friends readings. Little do they know, handling an unfamiliar deck may bring about unfortunate consequences. The following day, as they return to campus, the group begins to encounter strange occurrences involving the characters from their tarot readings, gradually realizing that their predictions are coming true. Determined to put an end to the impending evil, the survivors join forces to destroy the tarot deck, seeking guidance from Alma, a practicing astrologer, who enlightens them about its dark history. Any Famous Hollywood Film stream Online on Afdah.