Title: The Bad Guys 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Family
Quality: HD
Directors: Pierre Perifel
Writer: Aaron Blabey, Etan Cohen, Yoni Brenner
Stars: Sam Rockwell, Marc Maron, Awkwafina
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In Los Angeles, where humans and anthropological animals co-exist, a gang of notorious criminal animals, led by the cold-headed Mr. Wolf (Sam Rockwell) and known for his shameless thefts while evading authorities, won the Golden Dolphin award. They try to steal at a gala of guinea pig philanthropist Professor Rupert Marmalade IV after being insulted by Governor Dine Foxington on TV. During the robbery, Wolf takes some free time to cut the pockets of various people but inadvertently helps an elderly woman and is praised for her good deeds, which makes Wolf find himself affected by her wrongdoings. After the gang is busted and arrested, Wolf persuades Marmalade to correct them with Foxington’s approval, planning to take advantage of the excuse to steal the award again. Marmalade invites bad guys to her home, but her lessons prove her struggle with them, seemingly unable to adapt to the notion of good behavior. Foxington decided to discontinue the experiment after Wolf’s second-in-command, Mr. Sneak, failed to rescue a herd of guinea pigs from a research lab after they had been “eaten” by Mr. Sneak. When Wolf admits he hates Foxington, she admits she understands him and hopes for him. Do you like watching Web Series? Want to watch all episodes on the same platform, browse AfdahTv now and enjoy trending TV Shows online for free.