Title: The Creator 2023
Genres: 2023 Movies | Action, Drama, Adventure
Quality: HD
Directors: Gareth Edwards
Writer: Gareth Edwards, Chris Weitz
Stars: John David Washington, Madeleine Yuna Voyles, Gemma Chan
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In the future, artificial intelligence has taken over the world, but after a nuclear explosion in Los Angeles, the West decides to ban this technology out of fear that it might launch another attack. Simulants, or humanoid robots, were developed by A.I. in New Asia, and these robots are curious to know more about their enigmatic commander, Nimrata. Five years ago, armed troops interfered with Joshua and Maya’s preparations to become parents, disrupting their plans and making Joshua fear his love had been killed in an attack. Joshua has since been called back to duty and is currently traveling to New Asia with Colonel Howell to hunt down and destroy a superweapon that AI is developing. Joshua learns that a youngster by the name of Alphie believes the tenacious girl could know where Maya is. Joshua gains a fresh perspective on life and freedom on Earth while defending Alphie from the human army and becoming caught up in the Simulant defense. Watch Afdah Movies without paying a single penny.