Title: The Devil Below 2021
Genres: 2021 Movies | Horror, Thriller
Quality: HD
Directors: Bradley Parker
Writer: Eric Scherbarth, Stefan Jaworski
Stars: Alicia Sanz, Adan Canto, Will Patton
How to watch The Devil Below 2021 on Afdah online?
The Devil Below is a horror-thriller movie that is directed by Bradley Parker. The movie star cast is Alicia Sanz as Arianne, Adan Canto as Darren, Will Patton as Schuttmann, Zach Avery as Jaime. In the Appalachian country, underground coal mines have been ceased because of the mysterious fires and no one knows how the fires started here. But a crew tries to find the truth behind the mysterious fire and they going there for investigating. In the coal mines, they soon discover something horrible and face a situation that is interesting. Visit afdah movie to stream this latest thriller movie online in high picture quality.