Title: Poker Face 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Crime, Thriller
Quality: HD
Directors: Russell Crowe
Writer: Stephen M. Coates, Russell Crowe
Stars: Russell Crowe, Liam Hemsworth, RZA
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The plot revolves around a sixty-year-old millionaire with a difficult character, Jake, who cannot let go of childhood grudges. Jake decides to play friendly poker with some of his former classmates. Jake was offended by each of the five invitees in some way years ago, and now he intends to retaliate. The game begins, the stakes rise, and the guests of a large and wealthy house understand why they were invited here and have even accepted their fate. Armed robbers wearing masks burst into the house. Jake’s guests don’t have much time to decide whether to support the robbers or the house owner. Stream full free afdah movies in HD.