Title: The Idea of You 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Quality: HD
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Solene, a divorced single mother and owner of a contemporary art gallery, is faced with unexpected changes in her plans. Instead of going camping, she is tasked with accompanying her daughter Izzy and her friends to Coachella due to an emergency. Solene makes a simple mistake in finding a bathroom which leads her to meet Hayes a member of the popular boy band August Moon. Solene soon returns to her normal life only to find that Hayes is determined to keep her attention. As they spend more time together, a sexual relationship develops, and Hayes offers Solene the opportunity to go on a European tour with August Moon, allowing them to further explore their feelings for each other. She becomes aware of the age difference between them and her responsibilities back home. She questions the authenticity of their connection. If you want any latest Hollywood Film stream Online on Afdah info.